Technology for a good life

Avermann technology is known worldwide for excellent plant and mechanical engineering, excellent workmanship, extreme longevity and simple and safe operation. In addition to a wide range of standardized solutions, we are known for the development of customized and industry-specific solutions that are adapted to the individual application in the smallest detail. In addition, we continue to deliver innovations that meet the growing needs of business and society and bring real benefits and added value in their application. As a result, we always offer our customers state-of-the-art technology for optimum solidity and cost-effectiveness.


Avermann has lived as a real family business in Osnabrück, Germany for more than 70 years. Reliability, a down-to-earth approach and partnership play a particularly important role in our value system. By combining our capabilities and expertise, we create plants and machinery that are unique in terms of technology and quality.

founding year: 1946

Optimal solutions for a variety of industries

Avermann technology has been in use in a wide range of industries and fields for many years – on every possible scale. Our range extends from individual machines for mobile disposal through to comprehensive industrial-scale solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to develop industry-specific solutions in addition to our extensive standard range, which offer our customers real added value.